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More and more members of our community are choosing cremation as an alternative to traditional casket burial — for reasons that are as varied as the individuals themselves. Some appreciate the simplicity and economy of cremation. Some choose cremation for spiritual or religious reasons. Others are attracted to cremation’s low impact on the environment.

At Woodlawn, we confer the same respect to cremation as we do traditional burial. And we believe that every life should be memorialized in some permanent way, regardless of the process selected to care for bodily remains.

To that end, we offer a range of remembrance options to those who choose cremation.

Remembrance Crypt
Permanent placement of cremated remains in the Remembrance Crypt in our Lakeside Mausoleum

Inter the cremated remains within the same grave as another loved one on family lots or in the single grave areas. A memorial can be added to the grave space or, in some instances, an inscription can be added to the family monument.

Benches or Boulders
Benches or Boulders provides memorialization and burial. With an array of choices gives families the opportunity to create a uniquely moving symbol of the life you wish to remember.


Conveniently located adjacent to the road in Section 3, this columbarium complements the 150 year old monuments surrounding it. A rare opportunity for above-ground cremation interment in an historic area of the cemetery. Available for at-need and pre-need purchase. Urns and/or urn vaults not required.

pdfView our Cremation Services Brochure.

If you would like more information on our Cremation Services Program, please call 419-472-2186 and ask to speak to a Family Advisor.


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